My travel writing and photography blogs soon after their creation took a long holiday of their own.

This was not by choice but rather life has taken a turn. Mother Nature decided that Rebecca and I had it too good for too long and suspended our journey to Melbourne, in Melbourne.

On the 26th of December as I was watching the Boxing Day Test at the MCG, Rebecca was with her father and family in Bendigo. There she went for a quick ride on the back of her half brothers motorbike, just around the block. They never made it back.

By NYE 09/10 Rebecca was out of ICU with her lower leg amputated, her latissimus dorsi muscle transplanted down below her knee to create a stump, and a severe glove tear behind her other lower leg and knee. She spent the next 2 months in hospital, with compilations arising from the nasty bug pseudomonas. The next 2 months were in rehab.

After an arduous and very stressful search of the Melbourne rental market we found a place to live, thanks to a property manager whose mother is in a wheelchair and understood our plight.

I have been working and Beck has been healing and going to various doctors and rehab, in which she is still in the process.

Finally this month we were able to get away from it all for two weeks.

Circumstances change, but our love for this funny old planet does not.

Our journey to see our planet continues with a drive to South Australia.