From when we visited Sydney, a year has passed. I know this blog gets little attention, but for my own records and the few friends and family that are interested, I will recall.

Up until I was twenty eight I was living in Melbourne. I never did see Sydney in that time. Darwin, Surfers Paradise, most of Victoria, and my mother refreshes my mind of the time I went to Adelaide, when I was two! It took a wedding invitation to get me up there. I was 36!

The drive from the northern suburbs of Melbourne is not a bad one. It can be done in a day, if you leave early. The drive from town to town is approximately eight hours, which included a stop for lunch in Gundagai.

Our stay was at the Intercontinental Sydney. Not cheap by any means, but a very pleasant stay. No complaints at all. I highly recommend it. The location, right next to Circular Quay was superb. From there, I was able to go for several walks around the Quay and the Rocks, while leaving Rebecca to rest her leg and a half at the hotel. We ate in our room the first night, including a lunch on a lazy day. The food was excellent.

Opera House

Opera House – you just have to, you know?

Our first day included a harbour cruise. I highly recommended it. On this cruise you see where Sydney leaves Melbourne for dust. The reason Melbourne has so much culture is because it is basically a boring, rather ugly, unappealing city. You find beauty in Melbourne down individual streets and alleys, and at a few parks. Sydney on the other hand seems to have beauty in abundance. Visually it has more history and natural beauty. The city has a bit of history around every corner and you always feel like the water is a block away.

House in Sydney Harbour

House in Sydney Harbour

That night we met our old London comrades at the Belgium Beer Cafe at the Rocks. Not dissimilar to the one in Melbourne, where the beer is excellent and food is good (not great, just good). A great place to catch up over a few Belgium brews. You can always find a beer that the ladies will like (if they are not into beer already).

Next day was the wedding. The church was very quaint and pretty, the reception in Sydney Zoo very nice with a wonderful view. The boat ride over to the zoo was an excellent idea. The problem was it was around 36°C, with a low of 28! There was no air-conditioning anywhere except in the bus. The air conditioner on the bus only worked if we were moving. In traffic? The only cooling down period was on the boat ride. I cannot stress enough the need for air-conditioning at a wedding reception, in Sydney, in early January.  Otherwise it was a lovely evening. The next day we could not get out of bed suffering heat exhaustion. No, I was not hung over, I did not drink much due to the extreme heat.

City view from Sydney Zoo reception.

City view from Sydney Zoo reception.

The day after the wedding we spent in bed suffering from exhaustion. Thank god we had not booked anything. I went for a wander to the Rocks around sunset to take some shots. For dinner we went to Fish on the Rocks. The meal was superb, the staff friendly and accommodating, and the wine recommendation perfect.  This is one place you get what you pay for. I highly recommend it.

Sydney - the city.

Sydney – the city.

The next day we were booked into the Blue Mountains tour. It was an ok tour. We were treated to a few nice lookouts, although nothing spectacular. It is hard to top glacial views and the volcanic mountains in Iceland. My standards have been raised too high. The history and knowledge about Sydney and the surrounds we learnt along the way was probably the most interesting part of the tour.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

That night, after chasing micro brewed beer on the web, we attended The Lord Nelson. We had a few rather good English style ales, in the English style pub that reminded us of a good day in London. Recommended for any Englishman that is missing home but does not want all the cheese that goes along with a themed establishment. We ate from the bar menu that had a good selection of beer soaking meals. The quality of the food as I remember was fine.

Last day we did the Sydney Aquarium. It is not recommended during a hot day. No air-conditioning again! It’s a wonder how the fish survive. Also, a visit during school holidays is best avoided. Otherwise it might be worth a visit. I find it little odd they sell fish and chips at the entry. Maybe so the kids can see what they just ate!

View from Oyster Cove restaurant

View from Oyster Cove restaurant.

Our last dinner in Sydney we visited the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. It was not easy to get a table. After some patience we were seated. To our surprise we were given a view over the harbour with the Harbour Bridge in sight. Once again the food was superb, and the staff did remarkably well for a restaurant that was under the strain of fussy, well off tourists and locals. The oysters were fresh! Drop in if you can.

So a quick tour of Sydney! I think we will be back.