We stumbled across this bar returning to our hotel from dinner in Kyoto. We were staying at the Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa. If you leave the hotel lobby turn left, then left again onto the main street, then left at the first street next to the hotel. The bar is on the left just before you cross the creek/river.

It’s furnished with wooden benches and seats. There are several booths with cloths for privacy. The music is light and relaxing and the atmosphere very welcoming.

There is food, and there is a menu in English. We had several dishes, all which we enjoyed. The speciality is fried chicken wings.

The beers are not varied. There is a German, English and Japanese beer.

If you are a fan of Belgian beer, this place is a must. The beer is displayed in the window, but not on the menu. The trick is, you have to ask.

We assumed the gentleman helping us with our selections and discussing with passion Belgium beers was the owner, going by the name of Jack. If you ask for Belgium beer you are bound to meet him. We have not had a more accommodating host.

I am here again in Kyoto, two years later. We walked past the bar hoping it would still be there. It was, and we saw a man setting up through the window. It was Jack. He recognised us, and rushed out to greet us. We booked a table and returned last night to also find he had remembered our names.

What more can I say? Pay it a visit.

Jack and Co.

Jack and Co.