Let me get my holidays in order. Just finished writing about the Japan 2012/13 Christmas New year’s trip and I should write about our break to Thailand before I post the January 2014 drive up north. I have left so writing to do for so long.

Rebecca and I needed a break. Usually a break is taken on a tropical island with the beach meters from your resort, or something of the like. Not having that option we searched from something that was going to be peaceful but somewhere that Rebecca could swim in private. Finding a reasonably priced resort, where you have your own pool, and is peaceful was not easy. Our persistence paid off and we found exactly what we needed.

Villa Zolitude view from reception.

Villa Zolitude view from reception.

Villa Zolitude had a special on and we took full advantage. Rebecca had to venture downstairs to get to the pool, but it was better than nothing.

Reading the reviews we decided that the negative reviewers were just being picky. One complained about noise from the crickets. The resort is in the mountains on Phuket. What do you expect? It’s not called Villa Quiet as a Mouse. Idiots! I quite liked the crickets. The noise is not constant and it sweeps through the resort. If anything it’s fascinating.


View from the pool are at in our viIla at Villa Zolitude

We took Malaysian airlines and arrived in Kuala Lumpur late afternoon. We booked a night at D’Boutique hotel which was as close to the airport as was possible. There were a few restaurants just outside the hotel, which was all we needed. The hotel was great for a single nights stay.

All rested and relaxed the next morning we flew to Phuket. It was raining quite heavily when we arrived. The locals were happy as they had not seen rain for a while. The wet season was not as wet as they had hoped.

We took a taxi to the villa where we were welcomed in the usual resort style with a lovely warm face washer and a cool drink.


View from the window in out villa at Villa Zolitude

We had requested upon booking a villa that was tucked away, and our wish was granted being given the last villa at the very top of the resort. We had a wonderful view and a lot of cover from the trees. The bed was big and comfortable, villa was very clean and spacious and we did not need for anything. If we had something missing or needed anything it was just a phone call away.

The whole first day was spent hanging around the resort, drinking, swimming and eating. The next day we ventured out to do a little bit of shopping at a local shopping centre. I was not thrilled, but you resign yourself sometimes. This is a partnership after all.

Stairs down to the pool at Villa Zolitude

Stairs down to the pool at Villa Zolitude

Rebecca had been getting ill due to the infection in her leg. We knew that might happen in Thailand, and it did. We spent the next four days at the resort. I ventured out once to get some medication for Rebecca and some beer and snacks. It was getting expensive eating in at the resort every day.

If you were going to get sick, you could not ask for a better place to be. Rebecca was confined to the upper level and we did not leave the villa, even to eat, getting our food delivered. I spent most of my time swimming, reading, drinking and watching movies. Beck did the same minus the swimming and drinking.

After a few days rest Rebecca felt well enough to venture down the ten steps to the pool, and out to eat at the villa restaurant.

Bugs for sale in Phuket night market.

Bugs for sale in Phuket night market.

When Rebecca felt well enough again we ventured out to the Phuket Town night market. We did not buy much, mainly went there to have an authentic meal and get out of the resort. We wandered around taking in all the sights and smells of the food area. While we were standing around waiting for fishcakes on a stick, we just happened to be right next to the most interesting thing at the market, the bug stand. The store holder was very entrepreneurial. Knowing lots of tourists would find his stall interesting, he charged for photos. I paid. He was smart enough to make it very cheap. Finally we settled on a place to eat, sitting on our little plastic stools and had a lovely cheap meal. Getting a taxi back was a mean feat. The taxi drivers were trying to rip us off, so we called the resort to send one. Cheaper! Go figure. They could have made it easy for us and could have made a fare for themselves if they were not so greedy. He I would not pay. If more tourists refused his greed maybe he would stop trying it on. Come on people, get travel smart!


Phuket old Town.

The following day we spent the whole day out and about. We hired a driver for the day, whom was very nice and he picked us up in one of the cars from the Fast and the Furious movie. Not literally, but you get the picture.

First stop was Phuket old town. It was not as nice as some old towns I have seen, but quaint and quiet. We jumped out and wandered around for a little while, taking photos and what not. We were hoping to find somewhere for lunch in the old town but we had no such luck.


Graffiti in Phuket old town.

We requested our driver take us somewhere reasonably priced, with good authentic Thai food. Learning from our previous mistake in India, we made sure he got the message loud and clear. It worked. He took us to an out of the way restaurant on a muddy beach that specialised in crab. Awesome. Soft shell crab it was with some beautiful curries. Not a bad location to eat lunch either.

You cannot leave any Asian country without stopping by a temple. So after lunch we visited Wat Chalong. There are multiple beautiful shrines to visit. Beck stayed in the car (her leg was sore) and our driver showed me around the shrines. He asked for a few baht to make an offering for our trip. I gave him a few baht and he wandered off. Upon return he had with him a large, long string of firecrackers. We made a wish and went over to a cone shaped structure. I lit the end, and covered my ears. He then gave me coin with a ribbon and told me keep it in my wallet for prosperity. I have not won lotto, but we are doing OK.

Temple Wat Chalong

Temple Wat Chalong

We traveled to the south west of the island to visit a few lookouts so that I could take a few photographs. After which we returned to the resort. We booked our driver in the next night to take us back to that side of the island to take some photos at sundown, and have dinner.

Next night I brought the tripod and filters taking my time creating some nice images. Then we had dinner with a lovely view of the sunset. There was only one problem with this location. The Wasps. We ordered a few cocktails, which were served in open pineapples. Who loves sweet stuff? We were attacked by wasps. They would not leave us, even when we changed tables. Figuring it was the cocktails we drank them quickly and asked they be taken away. That sort of solved the problem. They did not leave us alone until the sun went down. Other than nearly being bitten, it was quite nice.

Thailand_DSC6842 (12)

South East coast Phuket.

For our last whole day in Phuket we stayed at the villa and made good use of the pool. We had a special dinner that night in the villa restaurant and said goodbye, giving hugs and some tips to the exceptionally good staff, wishing them all the best.

Next day we returned to Kuala Lumpur. We had two nights in the Park royal KL. It was a nice place to stay. Very reasonable priced with very good staff. The main reason we chose this hotel, was that just two doors down was Taps Beer Bar. We had dinner both nights here. Very good beer and the food were not bad either. The next day I left Rebecca to rest her leg, and I went for a walk to take some photos.

That was about it for our trip. We flew home the next day. It was supposed to be restful recuperating holiday. I needed it. I love it. More of that please.

Thailand_DSC6842 (13)

South East coast Sunset Phuket.