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I loved Krakow. It is said to have more bars and cafes per capita than any other city in Europe, which is quite a feat.

We visited many bars, many were very good, modern and the Polish make a good coffee and cocktail.

For the beer lover there is the CK Browar bar and restaurant. This was my favorite bar in Krakow, but I am rather bias considering I am a beer lover.

It is the only pub left in Krakow where you can purchase the beer straight from the vat.

There are the four types of beer, two of which we tried. The CK Weizen was very light on the palette, and the CK Dunkel, which was my preference, had a nice smooth finish. The meals are reasonably priced as they were quite large, and pretty good. It was close to the best meal we had in Poland.

CK Browar is a must for the beer lover who visits Krakow.

On the global beer table, I would place this a close forth or fifth, level with a microbrewery in Prague.

I will reveal the best global beers from my travels thus far, in due course.

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