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Taberna Sueva – (Via Gaetano Abela/Via delle Sirene) Ortigia, Syracuse.

The first lunch we had in Sicily was the best. So good we had to return the last day.

The seafood pasta here is a must, as well as the fried fish. It is just like my grandmother used to make. The taste of fresh fish from the sea is rarely experienced here in London. Very cool jazzy music playing in the background, and if buskers come along they tell them to clear off. Staff are friendly and there was at least one person who could speak English there both times we visited. Seems like a favourite with the locals too. The chef came out to have a smoke, and he was nice and round, the way a good chef who loves his food should always be.

And it is good value too. My wife and I had a wine, main and shared another main, and an espresso for under €50.

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